IEMS has a wide range of courses aimed at all participating levels from equipment operators to senior executives. This range is designed to build knowledge across any organization and provide an integrated solution to your training needs.

Our courses are designed and developed in line with international conventions and national laws and our system of needs analysis, allowing us to produce course material specific to the exact needs of any organization.

Our courses seek to do three things:

  • Reaffirm that a lot of what you do actually works, and help you understand why
  • Reinforce some of your thoughts on what you could/should be doing as an operator/manager/leader
  • Reveal some new insights into yourself, into others and into management and leadership

Our international experts are seasoned professionals that provide clarity to the international and regional expectations and assumptions, especially with regard to competency standards.

CURRENT COURSE LIST (Updated January 2017)


Courses often need to be amended for different locations and clients to ensure they are relevant and focused.

All our courses are of international standard; however our modular approach means that all our courses are fully customizable to meet your particular needs. We can also assist you identifying those needs prior to running a course. We draw on our extensive global experience to provide the appropriate course elements with the right emphasis. Additionally, our instructors and trainers are skilled and flexible in their approach; this enables them to adjust presentations and exercises during a course in response to questions raised or particular concerns that may arise.


Specific training courses can be developed to suit your professional circumstances and aims, to be delivered over an appropriate number of sessions and at a venue designated by you. Scheduling of these courses are upon client request.

Benefits of Tailored courses:

  • Cost effectiveness, train more for less
  • Convenient locations
  • Test your own plans and procedures
  • Timing to suit you
  • Team building within own organization
  • Client-specific content


Developed by an international group of experts from government and industry, the IMO Model Training Courses provide an excellent framework for training and support in developing capabilities in oil spill preparedness, response and cooperation.


We provide several courses in Arabic, French and Russian languages, as well as English. Clients are requested to notify us of the preferred language upon registration.


All IEMS training courses are certified, however a majority of the courses use an assessment to validate delegates understanding of the material and equipment used. Anyone failing an assessment shall be given an attendance certificate and have the right to attend the next course at a discounted rate.

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