We stay abreast of the latest technological advances in cargo handling, so that we can help ports develop the requisite waterside and landside facilities to serve their anticipated markets.

The current global cargo-handling trend is toward containerization, and we work with ports seeking to expand their throughputs and capture new markets by upgrading their berths and storage areas into more productive integrated container terminals.

Not all ports, however, will be served by the large container ships that require sophisticated facilities and equipment. These ports need the assurance that their engineering consultant can translate their operational needs into the flexible facilities—however simple or complex—they require to satisfy those needs.

IEMS offers comprehensive port development services including:

  • Assessment of market potential
  • Strategic marine planning and regulatory advice
  • Design of cruise and cargo terminals and related facilities such as warehouses and wharves
  • Management of the full licensing process “permitting”, and Associated Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or Appropriate Assessment (AA) requirements Cost-effective data acquisition
  • Liaison with regulators
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Financial services
  • Post-construction monitoring programmes

Our diversified marine and civil engineering experience allows us to design facilities that satisfy a port’s particular requirements while maintaining flexibility for response to future change. In addition, because of our multidisciplinary capabilities, we are able to address the off-port infrastructure essential to the successful movement of cargo as well as the environmental issues that often impede port development.