Tier 2 Oil Spill Response Centre Management

Our standing operating procedure IEMS-PC-SOP/1 for response centre management, integrates local, national and international conditions to “Strengthen the centre’s preparedness and response capacity”.

The SOP contains a series of forms and records that are not just check-the-box documents that will sit on a shelf.

All our Tier 2 centres are independently certified to ensure they meet the requirements of our clients and legal compliance. Our Tier 2 centre management system ensures that each Centre has:

  • A response Centre based management team to undertake the functions of overall direction, control and co-ordination of the centre’s activities.
  • Adequate manpower on 24/7 basis for the execution of Oil Spill Response (OSR) Services.
  • Capacity Management through modern technology and procedural controls

Response centre Managers are responsible for the management and administration of one or more response centres. They lead the team of responders, ship captains, Crew Managers and Team Leaders, taking responsibility for:

Tier 2 Oil Spill Response Centre, Middle-East.

  • The centre’s emergency response operations in an effective manner
  • The implementation of processes and procedures
  • Managing resources
  • Maintaining clear and efficient coordination with all centre operations, vessel maintenance, QHSSE and other departments of the company
  • Centre staff development
  • Working with outside organisations
  • Providing information to the Emergency Management Team (EMT) e.g. detailed reports on incidents
  • Plan expansion of service within the centre’s coverage area