At IEMS we believe in delivering services that maintain our client’s assets, improves efficiency and protects both people and equipment. IEMS are committed to the environment and improving the health and safety of the industry. IEMS hold a strong internal safety record which is testimony to this and an achievement that all at IEMS are proud to be part of.

We work closely with clients to ensure that ultimately we meet their requirements and are flexible in our approach.

We have a dedicated full-time team that has decades of technical experience, mobilised via our strategically located offices. We know we can deliver the right people where they are needed, when they are needed.

Currently our oil field services cover:

Enhance Oil Recovery – EMOR

With oil reserves getting harder to reach and global demand increasing, we're working diligently with our partners and clients to develop solutions to help get the most from existing wells. Our sister company ITA Group has innovative technologies to help reach and recover more oil in tertiary operations. Our chemistries can help extract more oil and better control injection water quality and flooding.

We can help achieve more efficient flow through formations with surfactants and polymers for miscible gas and chemical floods.

Our line of surfactant products offers innovative chemistries and technologies to help achieve new levels of success in oil recovery operations. We also offer many water treatment solutions to help control contaminants, scale and microbes in injection water and steam processes.

Our R&D experience, backed by the support of our global technical service team, has the ability to deliver reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sensitive solutions to enhance all phases of an asset's performance. Rely on our worldwide on-time delivery, and the service capabilities to match, whether across the street or across the globe.

  • Oilfield Wax Control
  • Oilfield Demulsifiers
  • H2S Scavenger
  • Scale & Corrosion
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Drilling Fluids
  • Refinery
  • Technology
  • Rig Maintenance Chemicals


Oil and gas operations generate a range of hazardous waste streams – including drill cuttings and contaminated fluids.

IEMS being part of a global group has the expertise you require for effective waste management, one thing IEMS excels at and that is project management. Our list of waste management projects are not only extensive but impressive as to what we have handled. Remember our oil field experts are not only veterans but also young dynamic petroleum engineers, we have the seasoned mix of experience and cutting edge technology.

Through our regional teams and specialist sister company, Enviro Solutions manages our clients’ waste streams – ensuring that their legal and social obligations are safely and efficiently met through the correct processing, recycling and disposal.

Offshore, services include:

  • waste management training
  • segregation
  • compliance monitoring
  • support as well as 24/7 help through a dedicated telephone line

We can also provide a number of specific environmental services including vessel and tank cleaning, contaminated water processing, and NORM processing (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials).


An environmental risk reduction review is a management tool consisting of a systematic documented, periodic and objective evaluation of environmental risks, risk management system and control measures with the aim of firstly, facilitating management control of environmental practices and secondly, assessing compliance with environmental legislations, convention and regulatory requirement.


  • Subsurface Data Evaluation and Integration (SDI)
  • Fundamentals of Petrophysics and Formation Evaluation (FPF)
  • Project-Based On-The-Job Training for Subsurface Geology and Geophysics (SGG)
  • Reservoir Geology (RG)
  • Wireline Log Interpretation for Geoscientists (WLI)
  • Petroleum Industry Uncertainty & Risk Management & Decision Making (RMD)