The link between marine incidents and and oil spill response is not integrated widely between the maritime companies and the responders, things are improving at the local level in some countries, however lack of international experience or available resources only adds another layer of concern to the response mechanism.

IEMS aims to use our connections and agreements to bring the maritime companies in direct contact with the client, our only requirement is that together we provide a reasonable and practical response from within the framework of the international SCOPIC rates. We do not advocate one maritime company or another, for the simple reason being that when an incident occurs the suitability, position and availability of the vessel shall take precedence over relations.

We continue to work with international salvers and make available to our clients a list of maritime companies known to us, respected by us and those that have the required assurances with us.

During the 1990s our Management were instrumental in setting the UK North Sea (UKCS) safety case for emergency response vessels. Practise which remain in place today.

IEMS-UK vessel the CASTOR alongside after completion of an ERV exercise.


We have a long reputation within our management team and can provide clients real solutions to integrate thier marine assets and activities accordingly, we provide;

  • Vessel Surveys (ERV capacity building)
  • Provide vessel blue print for single client or multiple clients
  • Integrate ERV into emergency response planning through dedicated Tier 2 centres
  • ERV provision and ERV management
  • Promotion and support of ERV safety case