IEMS Emergency Response Team.

Dependant on the circumstances when a spill occurs, compiling a response team can be complex, especially in large scale events.

The best response teams normally consists of multi discipline responders and experts from the country where the response is taking place. To ensure consistency, those tasked with compiling the response team must have a system of selection and management of local members of the ERT.

We urge clients, potential clients and those faced with utilizing a response company to give careful consideration to the capacity, experience and systems of management such response companies may have.

At IEMS we have invested heavily in our system and more so our system is built on our teams personal and collective experiences

Those faced with a crisis need total local integration. We recommend that the local integration is an ongoing process of building a credible capacity at the local level and promoting enhancement of national capacity, with further integration into regional capacity.

Building on the local response capacity is our speciality, we can engage at any time, our preference and more recommendation would be to engage us early in your planning process to ensure the emergency response teams can be developed.

ERT practical training.


As part of our operational services, we can support Emergency Response Teams by providing;

  • Training
  • Secondment Programs
  • Promotional Activities
  • Exercise Participation
  • ERT Formation and Management
  • Local integrations through trained and seasoned nationals