IEMS is not a subsidiary of or in any way associated with the multinational companies. We are not financed through a non-profit scheme and all profits made from our activities remains in IEMS and supports the expansion of our core business, providing first class emergency response to our clients. We are a proud, professional and independent Business.


We have a pool of trained professional Emergency Managers that can assist our clients in activities related to incident response. We are ready 24hrs per day, capable of providing on scene support to;

  • Conduct initial situation evaluation and continual reassessments
  • Initiate, maintain, and control communications
  • Identify the incident management strategy, development of an Incident Action Plan, and assign resources
  • Call for supplemental resources, including EOC activation
  • Develop an organizational command structure
  • Continually review, evaluate, and revise incident action plan
  • Provide for continuing, transferring, and terminating command

Things can be bad or they could get a lot worse, we are there to help and assist bring a reactive situation into a manageable pro-active response. We have multi lingual staff that are only a call away.