Akrugo™ People Solutions

Managing Workforce Rotations, Travel Logistics, Visas, Medicals, Accommodation and Training is rarely an individual task; it involves numerous people across multiple departments and sometimes different companies. Your commercial imperative may be Safety Improvements, Improving Operational Efficiency, Reducing Costs, Accessing New Reserves, Increasing Asset Lifespan or Decommissioning existing assets. Whatever it may be, Akrugo™ can help you achieve your objectives, profitably and effortlessly.

Where traditionally users might engage with a tangled web of databases, spreadsheets, and emails, Akrugo™ offers a user-friendly, data-driven web interface that encompasses all of the information required to make sure that personnel are ready to mobilise, thereby improving operational efficiency, and a material reduction in project costs.

Akrugo™ promotes competence assurance and improved collaboration and communication between project teams - allowing users to work in real time and view critical project information at the same time, no matter where they are in the world and where they integrate with collaboration partners.

Key Akrugo features include:

  • Employee Database
    throw away the spreadsheets and consolidate all your employee information into one place.
  • Alerts & Notifications
    schedule automated reminders to inform personnel and project teams of the expiry of HSE, visa, technical certification and personal documents.
  • Travel Logistics
    share itineraries and changes to travel plans with automated SMS and email communication. Forecast Personnel on Board (POB) information to enable bed planning on site.
  • Rotation Planning
    manage multiple work rotation schedules and easily change entire crew rotations in the event of poor weather, travel disruption or even civil unrest.
  • Training & Certification
    our unique ‘mobilisation ready’ matrix provides the visibility to ensure staff have the necessary training and certification permits in place at all times.
  • Project Dashboard
    configure interactive dashboards to provide quick ‘at-a-glance’ visibility of what’s happening to ensure there are no costly surprises.
  • Automated Reporting
    minimise time spent manipulating data in spreadsheets to produce reports. Export data real-time or schedule PDF/Excel reports to be sent via email to key stakeholders/collaboration partners.
  • Document Repository
    feel confident knowing that all your company and employee documents are in one centralised and cyber secure location for easy access at any time.

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